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Personal Projects

    Walls of Ellis -  Series inspired by Ellis Island hospital. An abstract                                             portrayal    of immigrants' experience between 1892 and                                 1994 @ Mana Contemporary, Jersey City - 2019

    Shaleeka.ID -  Art based luxury handbags brand inspired by                                                    fingerprints- 2019


Shows & Exhibits

Member Works: Mana BSMT - Artsy - 2020

Private Exhibit - Park Ave, NYC, NY - 2018

​Private Exhibit - South Hampton 2018

Juried Exhibition, CWA National  - Connecticut 2017

Group Show, Art Mora - New Jersey 2017

Transhumanza, Group Show, ConArtist Collective - New York, NY 2017

Group Show, LGOCA - Laguna Beach, CA 2014

Group Show, Studio26 Gallery - New York NY 2014
​Art Show, Beverly Hills Art Show  -  Beverly Hills, CA 2012
Online Exhibit, LagunaArtGroup - Laguna Beach, CA 2011
Art Competition, Chelsea International Art competition - New York, NY 2011​

Art Competition, Art Takes London - London, UK 2011​

Art Auction, Breast Cancer Awareness Auction - MI & CA 2011
Art Show, Sawdust Art Festival Winter Fantasy - Laguna Beach, CA​ 2010

Art Auction, KVIE Art Auction - Sacramento, CA 2010


Shaleeka is a contemporary artist who believes that art is a form of meditation that let’s her go deep into self-realization. She has two very distinctive styles.

One of her styles is solely inspired by old architecture. In her words –

“I am intrigued by the textures of old doors, broken down windows and faltering walls. My work embodies hope and strength that these lesser known architectural marvels have portrayed over the years.” She enjoys experimenting with different mediums to achieve textures that look aged yet perfect at the same time.


In her other style, Shaleeka likes to capture an individual’s identity using their fingerprint to create abstract images that have a distinctive flow of energy to them.


Most of her work is acrylic paint on panels and gel mediums/ modeling pastes. The process includes adding and washing various layers of colors, scraping through textures until she achieves the emotional impact that she is trying to convey.


Born and brought up in India, Shaleeka is a self taught NYC based artist who has always tried to push the boundaries of her artistic creations by trying out different styles. Her works have been exhibited in galleries in California and New York.

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